ESG & Climate risk management

We support the environmental and social transition of financial institutions by providing assistance on 2 axes:

  • ESG Strategy & Transformation

  • Climate Risk Management Strategy

We are committed to helping stakeholders align with international frameworks (TCFD, IR) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

ESG Strategy and Regulatory Transformation

  • ESG Strategy & Governance 

  • Define a tailored sustainable business model for your organization
  • Identify risks and opportunities related to ESG factors
  • Ensure sound governance of sustainability issues leveraging oversight policies
  • ESG Integration

  • Implement your sustainable strategy through process mapping, gap analysis, and business transformation
  • Manage operational impacts, including risks management, related to ESG integration
  • Ensure adequate data generation and collection for remediation purposes
  • Extra Financial Reporting

  • Standardize processes to generate high-quality, material, comparable, and consistent sustainability data
  • Operationalize international ESG disclosure frameworks (TCFD, IR)
  • Communicate on sustainability performances using mainstream financial fillings and stand-alone reports
  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Evaluate current diversity and inclusion policies, internal organization & management
  • Benchmark organizational policies with best practices in the industry
  • Support the implementation of concrete actions to improve D&I initiatives

Integration of Climate risk into the strategy of financial institutions

Our convictions to manage climate risk involve a thorough strategy that impacts all levels of the organization

  • Strategy 

  • Build an appetite for climate risk defining the level of climate risk consumption while adapting it to regional or sectoral factors
  • It is also necessary to intensify the bank’s risk culture by integrating climate risk (education and strategic impact assessment projection)
  • Governance

  • Reduce the impact of risk on the bank to think of a different kind of support for clients
  • Support strategic positions related to climate risk with reliable studies and analyze
  • Risk management

  • Optimize the defined risk profile by anticipating the impacts of a transition and thus reallocate risk to green clients or financing
  • Define and implement mitigation policies through hedging, transferring strategies (insurance, reinsurance…)
  • Communication

  • Communicate on your climate risk strategy to take it into account in your investments and financing policies
  • Include climate risk into extra financial reporting according to international disclosure frameworks (TCFD, CDP, etc.)


Marketplace benchmark based on regulators’ expectations

Mapping of regulatory gaps

Plan for implementing regulatory requirements within institutions



Integration of risk and capital measures into medium-term financial planning based on in-house risk scorecards

Multi-criteria analysis according to 8 axis of the organization’s internal practices



Measurement and quantification of climate risks according to Basel Guidance

Taxonomy approach, classification tool, and basis for future regulations

Specialized Risk & Analytics team to perform stress testing and propose scenarios


Release public statements to demonstrate your integration of climate risk goals

Local and Global partnerships with recognized leaders in the market


Discover our new platform, the one-stop source for all ESG and climate risk regulation.

We are applying expert analysis to regulatory data to provide a trustworthy and comprehensive source with all the publications you need for your tailored regulation watch on this fast-moving topic. Our database is updated regularly so you can’t miss the last information. 

"Au fonds des choses": the Podcast on Sustainable finance

At a time when many social issues such as social-economic inequalities, global warming, and diversity & inclusion are more topical than ever the financial sector faces many important challenges. The Ch&Co. podcast, produced in partnership with Finance Montreal, takes a frank look at the issues and discusses them with key players in Quebec’s financial sector who work for companies known for their ESG standards. [Only available in French]

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