Data, Tech and Cyber Security

We help banks and insurance companies to face the challenges of digitalization : transform their IT strategy and organization – achieve data-driven transformation – manage Cyber Security.

Tech Strategy and Operations

Moving from an IT to Tech function requires a fundamental shift in terms of strategy, organization and governance, processes, applications, data and architecture… From strategy design to operations organization – we propose a complete set of offers covering :

→ Business and Tech Strategy Alignment

Tech & Digital strategy design, integration of Tech function into business structure, identification of key levers of revenue growth and savings to deliver a good ROI

→ Ideation of innovation initiatives

Ideation and design of initiatives with measurable results and ROI, benchmark and selection of innovation solutions

→ Simplification of organization, governance and operating model in a digital world

Optimization of demand management, application and data landscape rationalization, better standardization of infrastructure and automation of deployment, simplified and optimized workforce with digital skills and cross functional teams, optimized location and sourcing model

→ IT architecture and deployment

Data, technology and security review, platformification and deployment of micro-services to replace monolithic applications

→ Tech roadmap and program management

Long-term strategy and roadmap design, preparation of investment decisions, IT and digital transformation program management, change management, IT project performance monitoring

We believe that any strategy will be successful if the people have the right mindset and methodology to achieve the expected results.
We help you to integrate a holistic agile approach defined by a DevOps organization. Our methodology fosters cross organization cooperation instead of silos at all stage of the application life cycle.

Data Strategy

We help our clients to overcome data challenges, to support data-driven transformation and to unlock value of this unprecedented amount of multi-structured data.

→ Data transformation strategy

Vision and strategic plan design, definition of ambitions and identification of pilots and priorities, macro business cases, investments validation and roadmap design

→ Data Governance & Management

Governance definition with strict accountability and ownership and redefined standards, regular assessment of the data quality

→ Data Analytics

Implementation of appropriate analytics functions and thorough analytics process, selection of initiatives to be launched to quickly demonstrate results and measure expected ROI, identification of prerequisites and enablers, assistance in the decision on which components to develop internally or to outsource

→ Data as a Service

Build of reliable, robust and resilient data platform using proper technologies which enables data “golden” sources with easy access for analysis

→ Data Visualization

Data visualization solutions with our internal LAB

Triggered by a global increasing regulatory pressure, data transformation projects are driven by the business objectives to find new sources of growth and improve client satisfaction. They also help support functions to mitigate risks and enhance efficiency.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security has become a major concern for all financial institutions. We believe it should be managed as part of the overall risk management of the bank, up to the Executive Committee. That’s why we help our clients, COO, CIO, CISO, Head of Operational Risks and Head of IT Risk to :

→ Define and Execute the Cyber Security resiliency plan

Risk assessment, gaps identification, 3-year Cyber strategy & objectives, 12-month Cyber resiliency action plan

→ Strengthen the Governance & Operating model

Policy, procedures, committees, roles & responsibilities, organization

→ Manage the human risk

Virtual training, advanced user monitoring

→ Enhance the Cyber Risk Management framework

Risk assessment methodology, risk register & control inventory, Cyber Security processes & systems, Cyber Risk appetite, Cyber Security KPIs and KRIs

→ Roll-out Cyber Security controls & IT security solution

User monitoring, encryption, multi-factor authentication, incidents & events management

Manage the human risks is vital to Cyber Security. That’s why we help you to understand the role of organizational culture, to implement awareness & training initiatives and to identify and implement advanced user behavioral analytics solutions.

We work with our clients to deliver tangible results

Revenue growth : More precise targeting of customers and impact of pricing adjustments, with quicker reaction to market dynamics

Deepened client satisfaction : Deeper behavioral analysis allowing to uncover underlying needs for customization of offers and products

Greater efficiency : Tangible productivity gains and faster decision-making with reliable data available in real time

Operational Losses & Risk Mitigation : Reduction of operational losses thanks to better data quality and automation of manual data management tasks

Compliance to regulations : Opportunity to setup a framework compliant to regulatory requirements, especially for BCBS239, GDPR and many regulatory reports

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