Decoding the trends and anticipating the future to fuel innovation in Financial Services.

Finance, Risk & Compliance
S. Eyraud

Qui sont les pays “Fintech friendly”?

Lors de son étude réalisée pour le pôle Finance Innovation, Chappuis Halder & Co. a élaboré un indice de “Fintech friendliness”.

End-to-end innovation
Patrick Bucquet

CH&Co. launches Coqonut

Chappuis Halder & Co. vient de développer Coqonut, plateforme de gestion de cryptomonnaies.

Biz Dev & Transformation
P. Bustamante

Banque digitale: en quête de rentabilité

Je suis interviewé dans le cadre d’un dossier publié dans l’Agefi Hebdo sur les difficultés et l’avenir des néo-banques.

Global Research & Analytics
B. Genest

Modelling: What’s next for Financial Services in Europe? (2017)

This paper outlines a practical roadmap to realising cost savings, delivering a material reduction in the volume and complexity of models by outlining five key principles of model optimisation By Benoit Genest, Emilie Pons, Matthieu Arsac for Chappuis Halder & Co.

Finance, Risk & Compliance
A. Hovette

Video : “The regulation of Financial Services”

CH&Co. discussion series : In this video, I am interviewed on how regulation impacts processes, systems, change management, and even the strategy of the company.

Global Research & Analytics
B. Genest

Standardized Measurement Approach for calculations of operational risk (2016)

Standardized Measurement Approach for calculations of Op Risk Capital – By Benoît Genest, Hélène Freon, Mariya Benjelloun. CH&Co provides a response to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s consultative document based on the public data communicated by the Bank for International Settlements.

Global Research & Analytics
B. Genest

Global Research & Analytics (2013-2014)

Only one year after its creation, the GRA team has been completely transformed. Surpassing all of the original ambitions, the team now stretches over three zones (Europe, Asia and the US) and continues to grow. Benoît Genest.

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