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|Press release| “You can sell” by Stéphane Eyraud and Patrick Bucquet

New York, USA – 4/12/2021 – “You can sell” by Patrick Bucquet & Stéphane Eyraud.

How to be successful in selling professional services without being a “salesperson” is the subject of the new book published by CH&Co., the global consulting firm dedicated to the Financial Services industry. This book is a practical guide for all those who work in professional services who believe that sales are difficult or not for them and would like to be getting better at it.

Improving sales has been something of a company fixation for CH&Co. And even if it is a consulting company, the sales tips included in this guide full of practical tips, checklists, and tools, can be applied to any professional service. The first question could be: Why any company would (in a competitive market) want to unveil their business tricks? According to the authors Patrick Bucquet & Stéphane Eyraud, it all comes down to one simple reason: sales are about execution. There is not anything magic to it. Nothing hidden behind the five curtains. It all boils down to one thing: just do it.

Patrick Bucquet commented: “Not only will we debunk sales for you, but we will also provide you with the concrete steps you need to take to be able to sell the ‘service of intellect’ – that is, your company’s wisdom and expertise.”

Inspired by the experience gained at CH&Co., Stephane Eyraud shared this conviction: “If everybody went about sales in the same way we do – with an approach rooted in genuine relationships – we think that everyone would benefit!”

The book is available on Amazon: Link

A note about the authors

Patrick Bucquet: Tech-savvy industry expert, Patrick bridges the gap between business and technology to support transformation in the financial sector. Embarking on his career at IBM Global Services, Patrick then honed his telecom industry skills, launching new customer-focused offerings. He is also a Partner in the CH&Co. New York office.

Stéphane Eyraud: Stéphane is a recognized expert in several areas, including risk management, M&A, and investment banking. Working initially with BNP Paribas CIB, Stephane then took charge of capital market practice for Price Waterhouse Coopers, before embarking on his journey with CH&Co. as the CEO.

About Chappuis Halder &Co.: CH&Co. is a global consulting firm dedicated to the Financial Services industry. They offer customized solutions to Corporate and Investment banks, Retail & Private Banks, and Insurance companies, with expertise in marketing/distribution, business development, risk management, process and operational improvements, compliance, data, and cybersecurity.

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