|Press release| Chappuis Halder & Co. announces the launches of its new ESG and Climate Risk website

Chappuis Halder & Co. announces the launches of its new ESG and Climate Risk website.

Chappuis Halder & Co., a leading specialist international financial consultancy is pursuing its mission in providing expert services to financial institutions in the ESG & Climate Risk management area. The firm just launched a new website: the one-stop source for all ESG and climate risk regulation.

This service is designed to help financial services professionals build their integrated ESG – Climate risk roadmap. For the past 6 months, a team of experts led by Benoit Genest, Partner at Chappuis Halder & Co. in Paris and Head of the Lab in Budapest, have analyzed more than 30 regulatory texts and identified 380 extracts in Europe, North America, and Asia to provide a trustworthy and comprehensive source with all the publications required for a tailored regulation watch on a fast-moving topic.

Our dedicated international expert task force, including Eric Tordjman Director in Montreal, Loic Paquotte Director in Geneva, and Augustin Beyot Director in Paris, will update the website as new regulations come up to offer an up-to-date source and help financial actors to keep up with the latest publications.

The website was developed by the Chappuis Halder & Co’s Lab in Budapest, created in 2018 to accelerate innovation by developing tactical technological solutions for clients and internal projects.

What can financial services professionals find on this platform?

For Benoit Genest, “The multiplication of regulatory papers documents addressing climate and environmental challenges paradoxically complicates interpretation. To ensure that these texts are legible and understandable, it is crucial to be able to follow them and, more importantly, to assess them across all of the topics they cover. This is precisely what CH&Co accomplishes by assembling a selection of recent texts and providing an interpretation or reading, relevant to the financial sector’s most pressing issues.

The audience will have access to a range of information through a Regulatory timeline, to visualize all the regulatory and up to date important texts, a Regulatory search entry, allowing access to international & national texts relevant to your perimeter, a Glossary to understand ESG and climate risk terms and Recommended readings.

How does this new website fit into the Chappuis Halder & Co. strategy to help financial services professionals achieve their ESG transformation?

For Stéphane Eyraud, Chappuis Halder &Co. CEO, “The promises made at COP 21 in Paris have not been met with adequate action. Despite this, Chappuis Halder and the people who run it are more focused than ever on the 1.5C goal. We are committed to contributing to the climate transition, whether as individuals or as a corporation, through daily actions or medium-term plans for ourselves or our clients.“

For Benoit Genest, Our organization, which has already taken significant stances on ESG and climate concerns, reaffirms its strategy on a positioning where its expertise is strongest. Our in-depth knowledge of the financial sector and its regulatory complexities enables us to assist financial institutions in interpreting and implementing climate and ESG issues. This is part of a broader strategy of our firm.  We believe that this subject is interconnected with all others and that it will form the financial industry’s face for years to come. This echoes the climatic, societal, environmental, and energy challenges that the players must be prepared to confront in the coming years.”

New ESG and climate risk website address: https://climaterisk.chappuishalder.com/

Inquiries – contact details

Benoit Genest
+33 7 87 68 81 77

About Chappuis Halder & Co.

Chappuis Halder & Co. is an international management consulting firm specialised in financial services, supporting banking, insurance, and mutualist insurance entities in their transformation projects. Founded in 2009, Chappuis Halder & Co. now has 8 offices in Europe (Paris, Geneva, London, Madrid, Budapest), Asia (Hong Kong), and North America (New York, Montreal). The firm provides solutions that extend beyond traditional consulting. By bringing together consulting and technology experts, it offers tailor-made and turnkey technologies, developed within the broad innovation ecosystem of Chappuis Halder & Co.

More information on: https://www.chappuishalder.com


Benoit Genest is a Partner at Chappuis Halder & Co in Paris. He is the head of the Global Research & Analytics Dpt. & Head of the Budapest Lab, he is a risk management & risk modeling professional with 15 years of experience covering market/credit/operational/counterparty/Funding & Liquidity risks, quantitative methods, trade support functions with over 10 years of experience in model validation testing complex pricing models and risk methodologies.

Eric Tordjman is a Director at Chappuis Halder & Co. Montreal, he is the Risk and Finance, ESG Climate Risk Practice Leader of our North America offices. He is passionate about new trends in the financial sector related to environmental and societal transitions with a mastery of ESG, Climate Risk, Diversity, and Inclusion. Eric is also a Basel II and Basel III specialist with expertise in working with banks and regulators globally on Basel II / III implementation. Before joining Chappuis Halder & Co 5 years ago in Montreal, he was Deputy Risk Director of La Banque Postale Group (5 years) after having spent 10 years at PwC Paris as Leader of the Governance, Risk and Compliance practice and 14 years at BNP Paribas Group where he ended his career as Global Risks Reporting Director.

Augustin Beyot is a Director at Chappuis Halder & Co in Paris, he is the Capital Markets Practice Leader of our Paris office and part of the Risk and Finance Practice globally. Before joining Chappuis Halder & Co in Paris 7 years ago, he was a structured product & xVA trader at JP Morgan Chase in London. His expertise ranges from capital markets and regulatory transformation to data governance and management. He is part of working groups on ESG & Climate risk (Compliance & Market Data) and leads internal initiatives to lower and offset the carbon footprint of consulting activities.

Loic Paquotte is a Director at Chappuis Halder & Co. in Geneva, he is part of our global Wealth and Asset Management practice. Loïc successfully led major strategic transformations for international and local Private Banks, Wealth Managers, and Asset Managers ranging from growth strategy, operational efficiency, digital transformation, and regulatory change. As part of our global ESG & Climate risk practice, he focuses on greenwashing issues and sustainable investing.

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