US GAAP Training Project | Assistance in Building and Presenting a US GAAP Training Program​

Client Needs & Objectives

Our client was the Financial Reporting Department of a major global CIB. As an international bank doing business in the US, the CIB must adhere to US GAAP standards.

The Financial Reporting Department is responsible for ensuring and maintaining an adequate level of US GAAP knowledge.

As a result, the client required the following assistance from CH&Co:​

  • To prepare the appropriate training material;
  • To coordinate and conduct the training sessions to the target audience;
  • To transfer knowledge to key Finance personnel.

Our approach

Phase 1: Prepare the Training Material

  • General IFRS to US GAAP training material
  • Specific US GAAP topics

Phase 2: Coordinate & Conduct Training

  • Develop training calendar
  • Determine target audience (mandatory / optional)
  • Coordinate and perform initial training sessions

  Phase 3: Train-the-Trainer

  • Conduct “train-the-trainer” sessions 
  • Knowledge transfer to key Finance personnel

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • The Financial Reporting Department is now able to maintain a sufficient level of US GAAP knowledge for Finance personnel via periodic training​

  • Access to a complete referential manual on US GAAP as well as training presentation material

  • Trained Finance resources that will continue conducting future training sessions while maintaining quality and accuracy​

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