Strategy for South East Asian development

Client Needs & Objectives


  • Business development initiative in South-East Asia with partnership with local banking distributors
  • Launch of a full insurance offer considering local specificities


  • Full offer => Focus on distribution channels
  • Philippines and Vietnam


  • Partnership / JV with local Banking partner
  • Development of tailor-made offer for the local customers
  • Digital social media strategy

Our approach

Phase 1: Boot Camp (Workshops / Interviews)

  • Work on vision / product to be launched / Client segmentation
  • Work on UX (Distribution, customer journey, marketing strategies of our client and its potential partners)
  • Work on IT architecture
  • Detailed roadmap & budget

Phase 2: Implementation of the strategy:

  • Work on Marketing and Social Media strategy
  • Web to  Branch, Sales content & Mobility strategy (Customer journey App/Web/On-site, RM’s sales pitch, mobility strategy…)
  • IT Integration and test stream

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • 360° vision for our client:

  • - Marketing & digital strategy

  • - IT strategy

  • - Detailed roadmap and budget

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