Strategic study for Board of Directors on Biz Dev strategy

Client Needs & Objectives


  • Increase the share of Life Insurance in the revenues of the company (Compared with P&C activity) within the next five years


  • Life Insurance
  • Offer, distribution, segments to be prioritized for the coming years


  • Market analysis (Benchmark of competition and best practices…)
  • Construction of a structured Strategy Plan

Phase 1: Strategic Plan Design

  • Internal and external diagnosis
  • Design of new strategic ambition and associated vision

Phase 2: Construction of the Strategic Plan

  • Identification of the main lines of work of the future Strategic Plan, key projects and key success factors
  • Definition of levers impacting activities (RO, RC etc.)
  • Realization of the business plan at 5 years

Phase 3: Operational Declination of the Strategic Plan

  • Framing of the three issues to work on in order to achieve the objectives (Cultural rupture, business transformation, TOM)

Our approach

  • Validation of the orientations with the Board of Directors

  • Realization of qualitative and quantitative analyzes (business plan, management target scheme e.g.) in a constrained calendar

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