Strategic & Commercial Due Diligence | SAXE Project

Client Needs & Objectives

Our client, a European private equity fund, wished to assess the potential of a mezzanine investment in the context of an LBO of a fast-growing multi-business wholesale broker

The objectives were as follows:

  • An analysis of the relationship quality with risk carriers
  • Detailed analysis of recent and future business growth (product, price, distribution)
  • Development of an opinion on the synergies resulting from recent external growth

Our approach

  • Scope the project, list key sub-processes to be analyzed and gather related documentation and flowcharts
  • Finetune and complete process mapping and flowcharts
  • Identify Client Onboarding/KYC process pain points thanks to workshops with key stakeholders within CLM, Ops, Compliance and F/O in terms of turnaround time, quality of processing etc.
  • Perform “on the field” analysis to identify inefficiencies, errors, wastes, redundancies, bottlenecks and other operational issues
  • Compare Client onboarding processes with market practices (turnaround time, sizing etc.)
  • Analyze root causes and propose efficiency levers such as process redesign, workload reallocation, organizational changes, IT enhancements, digitalization and potential for automation
  • Assess costs and benefits of some efficiency levers and select 2 to 3 emblematic use cases to demonstrate and promote tangible benefits
  • Based on concrete results of the diagnosis phase, define with Management priorities based on level of complexity and expected return on investment

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Clear understanding of the overall insurance brokerage value chain and regulatory environment

  • Identification of risk areas (human, operational and commercial)

  • Review of recent external growth and synergies with the Group

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