Strategic & Commercial Due Diligence | “Flash” CDD – Aufray Project

Client Needs & Objectives

Our client, a pan-European investment company, wanted to evaluate an investment opportunity in a digital health & protection insurance broker.

The report delivered was structured to respond to key questions along five categories:

  • Market dynamics
  • Focus on digital
  • Partnership sustainability
  • Regulatory environment
  • Upfront commissions

Our approach

  • Market dynamics: competitors identification both on the wholesale and direct businesses, and strategic positioning of the target
  • Focus on digital: study of the main digital issues for both brokers and insurers, listing of competitors’ initiatives regarding digital
  • Partnership sustainability: analysis of the target’s quality of service delivered to its risk carriers, insurers and reinsurers’ perception…
  • Regulatory environment: identification of the past and coming major regulatory changes linked to insurance and impact analysis
  • Upfront commissions: pros and cons, CH convictions on the sustainability of the model…

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • “Flash” due diligence realized in only 2 weeks focused on five precise points of attention

  • Clear understanding of the competitive environment, of the regulatory background (and its evolution) and of the best-in-class initiatives regarding digital

  • Risks identification under 3 perspectives:

  • - Insurers partners / risk carriers (perception analysis / sustainability of the commercial relation)

  • - Digital (is the target really at the forefront of digital initiatives?)

  • - Financial sustainability of the model

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