Strategic & Commercial Due Diligence | Bonus Project

Client Needs & Objectives

Our client, a European investment fund, wanted to evaluate the opportunity to invest in a wholesale broker operating in the non-standard risk niche market (aggravated risk)

This report has been structured to answer a number of questions, which can be organised along 6 categories:

  • Market Drivers & focus on aggravated motor risk
  • Impact of self-driving vehicle
  • Regulatory environment
  • Competitive positioning
  • Analysis of risk carriers and of the network of brokers
  • Opinion on the management business plan

Our approach

  • Analysis of the insurance value chain, market drivers, trends and key statistics related to car insurance. Assessment of the addressable market of non-standard
  • Development of diffusion scenario for self-driving vehicle in the French car fleet, and estimate of the insurable mass by 2040
  • Analysis of the main regulatory developments and associated impacts
  • Analysis of target’s competitive environment and estimates of the market shares of the main aggravated risk brokers + price positioning analysis (price vs. coverage comparison)
  • Evaluation of the strength of the risk carriers (insurers and reinsurers) and analysis of the quality of the network of brokers
  • Review of the feasibility of the business plan and the main assumptions of the management team

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • 3 deliverables including all the analyses and formal opinions of CH&Co. on each of the categories:

  • - Market « red flags » report (~2 weeks)

  • - In-depth report (~3 weeks)

  • - Report for banks / lenders accompanied by presentation and Q&A sessions with the financiers as well as with the investment committee of our client

  • Clear assessment of the opportunity to benefit from the evolution of the car insurance market, disrupted by innovations around self-driving cars (threat vs opportunity)

  • Identification of the key levers to carry out the BP forecasts

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