Strategic & Commercial Due Diligence | Ararat Project

Client Needs & Objectives

Our client, a London-based family office, wanted to assess the opportunity to invest in a broker positioned both on property & liability and health & welfare products, and distributing its products through a network of broker partners but also in direct

The report has been structured to answer questions, which can be separated into 4 categories:

  • Presentation of the target and of its risk carriers
  • Breakdown of the insurance market in France and positioning of the target
  • Analysis of the current strategy and potential opportunities
  • Key financials and comparisons with previous projections

Our approach

  • Analysis of the concentration level of the portfolio at the level of the risk carriers
  • Competitive positioning within its different markets
  • Review of the target’s growth strategy, identification of key levers for acceleration of its development
  • Review of previous projections and comparison with realized figures ; EBITDA margin analysis
  • Scenario of portfolio buy-back following competitor’s run-off
  • Exit strategies and peer group’s acquisition multiples

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • 2 deliverables including all the analyses and formal opinions of CH&Co. on each of the categories:

  • - Global report

  • - Secondary report exploring the client's subsidiary issues, particularly on: the drivers of the construction insurance market, and the positioning of the target on this market; Wholesales brokerage; the target's relations with its risk carriers

Client Needs & Objectives

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