Strategic & Commercial Due Diligence | Victor Project

Client Needs & Objectives

Our client, a European investment company, wanted to evaluate an investment opportunity in an animals insurance broker.

The report was structured to respond to several key questions along six categories:

  • Market dynamics
  • Strategic positioning & commercial performance
  • Relationship and reputation with stakeholders
  • Operations & process assessment
  • Development strategy by becoming their own risk carrier
  • Business plan review & challenge

Our approach

  • Market dynamics: main trends & market drivers for the animals and H&P segments, competitive review, regulatory environment assessment, focus on the upcoming commissions
  • Strategic positioning & commercial performance: identification of competitive clusters & risk of new entrants, pricing strategy, commercial organization audit
  • Relationship and reputation with stakeholders: analysis of the target’s quality of service delivered to its risk carriers, brokers partners …
  • Operations & process assessment: value chain approach (underwriting, contract management, claim management….)
  • Development strategy by becoming their own risk carrier: feasibility and rationale of the development strategy
  • Business plan review & challenge: hypothesis-driven approach based on market assessment and expert interviews

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Detailed Due Diligence realized in two months, focusing on the client’s main interrogations, and giving a clear and formal opinion on each point

  • Risks identification under 3 perspectives:

  • - Product Positioning

  • - Web reputation / end customers

  • - Financial aspects / Business Plan Review

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