Screening Automation through RPA for Due Diligence Team

Client Needs & Objectives

  • Automation of the KYC processes performed by the DDT through Robotics (RPA) with a focus on the names screenings tools
  • Cartography current DDT related processes (onboarding and recertification) to identify robotics areas opportunities
  • Test the applicability of RPA to the Bank process with the group RPA solution provider: launch a Proof of Concept (PoC) on the selected processes
  • Initiate robotic industrialization providing an end-to-end robotic study toolkit and sensitizing the involved stakeholders

Our approach

Phase 1: “Diagnosis of automation areas among KYC processes”

  • Cartography of 2 to 4 DDT KYC related processes around on-boarding and re-certification to identify axes of improvements that could be provided through robotics
  • Perform feasibility assessment (eligibility vs complexity)

Phase 2a: “PoC preparation on selected processes”

  • Identify resources requirements and elaboration of the business cases
  • Formalization of the automation need and definition of the PoC precises technical specifications
  • Management of the relation with the selected RPA provider (Automation Anywhere) and deployment of the PoC for live evaluation

Phase 2b: “Smart automation & preparation for industrialization”

  • Mid-term guidance for RPA initiatives implementations
  • Constitution of a toolkit enabling end-to-end robotic study (feasibility assessment, financial diagnosis)
  • Sensitization of the DDT team and other stakeholders (communication plan, trainings…)

Client Benefits & Main Results

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