Sales Force Effectiveness

Client Needs & Objectives

As part of a “return on growth initiative”, our client wanted to focus on sales force effectiveness, to bring sustainable growth by reinforcing current market positioning or increasing market share.

The objectives were as follows:

  • Make the best use of client, product and systems information to sustain marketing and pricing decisions
  • Enhance market penetration by offering razor sharp value propositions to defined segments via appropriate channels
  • Streamline Front-Office organisation through well defined roles & responsibilities and resource allocation
  • Manage sales force and implement efficient commercial process

Our approach

Phase 1: Transparency

  • Analysis of commercial positioning and strategy
  • Evaluation of organisation maturity
  • Analysis of the main sales and advisory processes

Phase 2: Target model

  • Define or validate commercial strategy objectives, segmentation and value propositions
  • Define or validate Front Office organisational structure, business and operating model
  • Enforce a state-of-the arts Sales Force management and effective & standardised client interactions
  • Develop process for gathering market intelligence & customer insights

Phase 3: Implementation & Follow–Up

  • Optimised and standardised sales and advisory processes
  • An efficient coaching approach
  • Relationship Manager individual action plan and effort orientation & prioritisation

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Increased Net New Money at a sustainable rate of 10-15%

  • Higher client profitability, indicated by an increase in RoA of over 10bps

  • Improved client satisfaction, measured qualitatively

  • Increased of Sales Force’s commercial time (e.g. client facing time), by 10-15% overall

  • Greater Relationship Managers’ proactivity in contacting clients and prospects

  • Increased number of client contacts per RM

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