Sales efficiency / Smart segmentation strategy

Client Needs & Objectives

The objectives were as follows:

  • Implement a smart segmentation strategy for Financial Institutions segment combining Financial Data (Balance Sheet and revenues), Sales data, HR data (size of teams) and Risk related data
  • Identify sales opportunities leveraging on findings
  • Test sales scenarios

Our approach

  • Approach based on our Data Analytics capabilities (CH&Co. Global Research & Analytics)
    • Data collection and quality analysis
    • Variables cross referencing
    • Definition of scope of study
    • Statistical profiling of variables
    • Client data analysis
    • Scoring and ranking
  • Sales opportunities identification
  • Sales strategy definition
  • Sales scenario simulations and impact analysis

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Key insight on client database

  • Improved understanding of the current clients’ profile

  • Identification of patterns of interest

  • Assessment of the current efficiency of the sales strategy

  • Adjustment of the sales strategy

  • Implementation of a Smart Sales segmentation

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