RPA for the Trade Finance Sanction Screening

Client Needs & Objectives

  • Client needs were to handle highly time-consuming Trade Finance sanctions screening process performed manually through the launch of a Proof of Concept based on the Robotic Process Automation technology.
  • The goal was also to initiate RPA industrialization and create awareness among different departments.
  • Scope: APAC Trade Finance Support teams (Hong-Kong and Singapore areas) of a Global Tier 1 CIB

Our approach

  • Phase 1- Diagnosis of automation areas for Trade Finance Sanction screening : As-Is process mapping and identification of the robotics areas opportunities
  • Phase 2 – Preparation and launch of Proof Of Concept (POC) : RPA solution provider selection, scoping of the POC with precise technical specifications and resource requirements (cost vs. benefits) and POC launch (Robot prototype)/follow-up on the selected processes
  • Phase 3 – Business Case preparation, No-Go Decision & Preparation for industrialization: Business Case with PoC success file, APAC implementation plan, end-to-end robotic study toolkit, sensitization of the involved stakeholders, and mid-term guidance for further RPA initiatives implementation

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