Robo Advisory Initiative

Client Needs & Objectives

The client needed our help in to define, develop and deploy an automated investment advisory service, called Robo Advisor.

The objectives were as follows:

  • Acquire new customers, repatriate current customer exposures and reconnect with current customers
  • Increase revenues via management fees
  • Meet customer expectations for those who wish to benefit from the client’s expertise in portfolio management while retaining control over their investment decisions
  • Offer an innovative service
  • Help to improve portfolio diversification
  • Better manage client risk

Our approach

From defining the guidelines to deploying and monitoring production:

  • Drafting the guidelines, including the definition of the model and the target organisation
  • Designing the customer journey and UX/UI
  • Overseeing the implementation using Agile Development Methodology
  • Supervising the project’s change management, communication and marketing
  • Defining the testing strategy and conducting the tests
  • Tracking potential developments

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • New investment advice solution

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