Process screening & Business Case for RPA initiative

Client Needs & Objectives

The objective was to automate manual and standardized processes to reallocate resources in order to cope with increased business volume

  • Scope of process to consider on global market operations, global finance operations (including trade finance), finance and client management services (KYC and vetting)
  • Multiple dimensions considered for the assessment: cost avoidance, operational risk limitation and client satisfaction improvement

Our approach

1. Conducted workshops to assess automation potential

  • 1st wave of workshops to gather teams’ pain points and weigh current workloads
  • 2nd wave of workshops to conduct shadow session with the team members to map the workflows and assess automation potential of processes highlighted for automation
  • 3rd wave of workshops to validate the target processes

2. Creation of business cases on selected initiatives

  • Measurement of ROI based on potential savings and development, implementation and running costs
  • Proposition of development and implementation planning for prioritized opportunities

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Out of 71 process assessed, 38 were selected for automation

  • Processes mapped and automation potential assessed

  • Potential efficiencies of 17.7 FTEs on selected processes for RPA

  • A short listing of 12 initiatives to be implemented:

  • Average payback of 13 months

  • Cumulated net savings of 1M euros within 2.5 years

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