Post-merger integration | Integration of 6 insurance brokers

Client Needs & Objectives

Our clients, 3 Swiss insurance brokers, needed our assistance in order to ensure a thorough and mastered post-merger integration (of 3 and then 6 brokers) and become the leader in the geographical area.

The objectives were as follows:

  • Define the Marketing & Communication plan as well as a formation plan
  • Define the commercial action plan : product offering, distribution channels
  • Define the client relation model and the target operating model
  • Assess operations & processes
  • Elaborate a business plan
  • Define an IS architecture & adequate tools

Our approach

Pre-merger financial engineering

  • Interviews with the top management
  • Definition of a customer-centric strategic plan
  • Market studies related to the clients’ activities

Workshops with key managers, related to :

  • Organizational aspects
  • The definition of a global action plan and a clear time-frame for the merger
  • IS aspects (architecture, tools…)

Post-merger integration & change management

  • Governance planning and monitoring
  • Marketing & Distribution aspects (synergies & redundancies)
  • Definition & implementation of the commercial tools

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • A leader position in the Swiss Romandie insurance brokerage market

  • An enhanced product launching process and a reduced time-to-market, in line with market evolutions

  • Rationalization of the consolidated entity, and a mastered integration of all entities (from 3 at the beginning to 6 post-merger)

  • Implementation of efficient monitoring tools (sales, CRM…)

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