New Ways of Working for an IT department

Client Needs & Objectives

As part of a cost optimization program, our client wanted to redesign various key processes in the Client Onboarding department.

He was looking to enhance the productivity and performance of the team.

CH&Co conducted a detailed process optimization and automation study, combining two specific methodologies (DILO and LEAN) for the diagnosis phase.

Our approach

1. Understand how Your Business Works – inefficiency is a byproduct of not understanding how your organization functions. Capture your current processes to identify inefficiencies

2. Take a service approach – Focus on the outputs – What is your work actually producing?

3. Get the input of employees – they are the ones who know the process and will carry it out. They will also have great input as to how to improve the process

4. Look at the handover points – When one department hands over to the other is this seamless? Is one giving the other what they need in the form they need it?

5. Look for Bottlenecks – Find the least efficient processes in the organization and clean them up

6. Involve the person who owns the process – this is the person who will need to carry out the task so they will need to have a say in any process improvement initiatives

7. Establish a Best practice – this ensures the continuation of efficiency gains

8. Capture Key data – To know your processes is to understand how to improve them

9. Model potential improvements – modelling change before implementation is crucial for ensuring change doesn’t impact negatively on your organization

10. Analyze your organization for efficiency opportunities – this is critical for ongoing process improvement

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • 2x to 4x faster time to market

  • Decrease by 50% to 70% of error rates

  • Decrease by 80% of Time to recovery

  • IT costs savings of 15 to 25%

  • Employee satisfaction increased to 90% (internal survey results)

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