Mobile Wallet Market study and benchmark

Client Needs & Objectives

  • Provide a user-centric analysis of the Mobile Wallet market for the client to help our clients enter it:
  • Map the current Mobile Wallet providers using user adoption and design quality
  • Provide and compare use cases and good practices
  • Break the market into segments according to functionality and assess the legitimacy of our client to enter a segment
  • Help client in defining the relevant Mobile Wallet solution for its activity and assist the implementation

Our approach

A small team with a clear vision on what to achieve:

  • No market studies, project based on convictions to be tested with real users

A “Test and Learn” mind-set to adapt services along the project

A focus on customer experience to keep it simple

  • Design is key
  • Focus first on one single usage

Excellent design and best functionality to differentiate from competitors

  • Integration of best-in-class service provider and consolidation of different services

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Overview of mobile wallet functionality from key competitors

  • Implementable details of the functionality of the mobile wallet sufficient for the next phase of development

  • Prototype with ‘look-and-feel’

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