Mobile Projects Ecosystem development

Client Needs & Objectives

Our client , a major French retail bank needed strategic framing, project management and functional design with a user-centric approach

  • Development of national mobile applications  with a Scrum PMO approach dedicated to:
    • the use of payment
    • the professional banking services
    • signature of EDI transfers for SME
  • Definition of national  functional services  (customer loyalty  program, loyalty card, Paylib, mobile  NFC payment,…)

Our approach

From the opportunity study to the launch, CH&Co.has been deeply involved in the projects depending on their maturities:

1. Inception: needs analysis, identification of use cases, benchmark, ‘Product Backlog‘ definition , technical / functional feasibility studies and legal compliance.

2. Conception: definition of mobile development roadmap, use of agile PMO (SCRUM method) , coordination of IT/IS and Business lines

3. Pre delivery: build a testing strategy

4. Go to market: national change management, definition of sales-support

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Positioning the client as a key innovative player within the mobile retail banking sector

  • Opportunity analysis and definition: Thanks to our international presence, we benchmarked other initiatives and identified the right opportunity for the French market

  • Offer design and project organization: Managing the project based on agile methodology with an efficient UX consideration

  • Go-to-market / offer launch

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