Increase Client Autonomy and Create Commercial Opportunities

Client Needs & Objectives


  • Digital tools: financial institutions digital channels do not meet client needs
  • Risk of disintermediation: increased competition on the area of client relationship (fintechs, incumbents, etc.)
  • MIFID2 impacts: necessity to increase customer satisfaction in the context of tarification transparency

Client situation:

  • Large and complex wealth structure
  • Few time available
  • Looking for tailored financial advice

Our approach

Add to the existing digital channels:

  • New digital services (Wealth dashboard, transaction tools, etc.)
  • Financial expertise tools (Simulators, legal and tax information, etc.))

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Pre-qualified commercial rebounds that will save time for both clients and CRMs with a higher conversion rate

  • Provide the financial institution’s experts a global view of the client’s wealth situation

  • Showcasing the bank’s expertise generating an improvement of its attractivity and its customer relationship intensity

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