Implementation of Speech-to-text solution for Wealth Management

Client Benefits & Main Results


  • Implement speech analytics technology that will support telephone calls with clients, enabling speech and text analytics for marketing and compliance purposes


  • Wealth Management
  • Marketing & Compliance


  • Identify gaps in the approach and requirements with Head Office & other branches
  • Complete the global business case involving all locations
  • Propose the global program governance and roadmap

Our approach

1. Cross location interviews and synthesis:

  • Workshops to identify gaps between the branches

2. Blueprint:

  • Assess IT and operational constraints for global implementation of proposed models

3. Business Case:

  • Business case and roadmap validation
  • Definition of global program governance and roadmap

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Enabling operations team to focus on analysis

  • Strong buy-in from end users

  • Scalability to regional and global level

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