HR Digitization

Client Benefits & Main Results

The Bank’s HR operations relied on physical documents, which implied several operational issues including inefficiency, error risk, high cost, among others.

The objective was to implement end-to-end HR digitization:

  • Digitized document management framework
  • Formulate a centralized platform across offices to drive operational efficiency and reduce operational costs
  • Digitization strategy of the backlog
  • Recommend optimal and cost efficient document scanning strategy to process the documents
  • Study how the set-up can be flexible to larger digitization strategy and compatible with future technologies

Our approach

Digital Framework

  • Open HR mindset on HR Digital capabilities
  • Define the level of digital maturity to be reached
  • Propose various digital scenarios considering effectiveness, cost & timeline estimation
  • Create Proof-of-Concept to design and realize digital framework
  • Prepare implementation roadmap

Migration Strategy of Existing Documents

  • Scan existing documentation as per Digital framework
  • Test the on site processing time taken to migrate documents to data repository
  • Conduct interviews with HK and SG HR teams and generate entire list of documents in scope of the project and design the process

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Free up valuable storage space on storing hardcopy documents

  • SharePoint becomes the golden source for softcopy documents

  • Easier to capture & store employee data and information via direct online entry

  • Reduction in mundane operational activities and duplicate entries for HR team and focus on higher value tasks

  • HR process streamlining

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