Highway to Mail: how to detect behaviours from emails exchanges

Client Benefits & Main Results


  • Everywhere, emails exchanges have become the main way to communicate internally as well as externally
  • The nature of these exchanges  give a lot of information on how people behave and lead to optimize the processes


  • Optimize companies organization
  • Improve clients (retail/CIB) targeting


  • All kinds of enterprises


  • Descriptive statistics
  • Text mining using machine learning techniques


Our approach

  • We are working with databases of emails. Our approach is based on both a statistical analysis of the emails and a text mining of their subjects
  • The computed statistics answer the questions: “how many emails are exchanged on Mondays? Between 8 and 12am”, Who are  M. Y 10 main contacts?”, etc.
  • Text mining  (opinion/sentiment analysis) enables to interpret the emails subjects
  • Finally, crossing both  kinds of data will enable to  characterize and then detect behaviours

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