Front Office Efficiency

Client Needs & Objectives

Banks have decreased complexity, refocused on their core markets and now they strive for efficiency. In order to do so, three main objectives have been defined:

  • Improvement of the quality of service offered to our clients by increasing the time dedicated to them.
  • Increase RoA and NNM by identifying and realizing business opportunities throughout client books
  • Reduce overhead costs and turnaround time

Our approach

1. Transparency phase:

  • Assess the value proposition
  • Understand the organisation & the actual service model
  • Inventory the level of competencies
  • Identify operational inefficiencies

2. Target Model phase:

  • Refine the Value proposition
  • Adjust the organisation and design the target service model
  • Define target competencies
  • Suggest operational improvements

3. Implementation phase:

  • Implement the target governance
  • Deploy changes in the organisation
  • Strengthen sales management
  • Train and/or hire target competencies
  • Implement operational improvements

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Key Findings on inefficiencies and improvement opportunities based on best market practices and prior CH&Co. experience

  • Target model and corresponding Business Case

  • Sustainable improvement of:

  • - RoA – 1 to 7 bp

  • - NNM – 10% to 15%

  • - Operational efficiency

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