Digitization & Smart Automation of Operations Processes

Client Needs & Objectives


  • Leverage on 4 technologies to enhance the customer experience, reduce the operational risk and improve the productivity


After sales operation forms of 3 types:

  • General Changes
  • Policy Lending/Repayment
  • Contract Termination


  • Assessment of automation suitability
  • Detailed process screening
  • Business Case to prioritize the processes

Our approach

1. High-Level assessment:

  • Analyse the processes and forms used in the scope of the study
  • Conduct interviews and workshops to clearly segment processes
  • Assess automation suitability (Short-list of processes for further analysis)

2. Process screening of the shortlisted processes & forms:

  • Collect data & insights in order to build detailed processes mappings
  • Benefits & priorities

3. Business Case:

  • Assumptions on cost-savings, ROI and other organization/processes benefits
  • High-level roadmap

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Detailed assessment of the processes 7 forms to be digitized

  • Assumption on the ROI with a timeline

  • Proposition of technical solutions for the different needs (OCR, NLP, RPA…)

  • Roadmap of implementation

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