Digital Transformation

Client Needs & Objectives

  • When we started working with our client in 2007, “digital” was not even a buzz-word. Business was done with agents and brokers.
  • Since then, CH&Co. has been a key partner in supporting our client to tackle one of its biggest challenges, digital transformation, from raising awareness to pragmatic and concrete actions.
  • To break traditional silos and empower the Digital Transformation community, our client has built a versatile & dynamic organization

Experience feedback: our client’s organization has been identified as a Best Practice for handling Digital Transformation

Our approach

1. Kick

  • Analysis of US pending transformations and benchmarking of US insurers’ operating model (AllState, State Farm, Farmers, Progressive…)
  • Evaluation of the necessary digital investment (800 millions euros)

2. Synchronize

  • Digital roadmap & ambition definition based on country maturity, digital organization study based on benchmarks comparing other companies, and definition of the client’s digital strategy for Life & Savings

3. Launch

  • CH&Co.managed the application process for the .axa extension (approved in June 2013), the first digital initiative at an enterprise level
  • CH&Co.defined the online positioning of the agent website framework & social media presence

4. Boost

  • CH&Co.framed the partnership role and staffed it with one of its experienced Managers
  • CH&Co.demoed concretely how to apply new project management methodology (agile, lean start-up, effectuation, design thinking)

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