Designing the future of UX in Life Insurance

Client Needs & Objectives


  • Define UX Trends in Life business for 2025


  • User experience & digital trends for 2025
  • Life Insurance


  • Market studies
  • Market trends
  • Use-case

Our approach

1. Define UX Trends in Life business for 2025:

  • Agree on UX key trends with Insurer (current and multi-industry)
  • Apply UX trends to Life Insurance and illustrate them
  • Engage with experts / thought leaders (through CH&Co connections) and with users (through digital platforms) to extrapolate trends into 2025

2. Translate forecasted trends into opportunities for the insurer:

  • Brainstorm with Insurer to identify the biggest opportunities per trend through different workshops
  • Describe high level opportunities and filter the top 10, then describe it

3. Define Insurer’s TOM for each opportunity:

  • Derivate business models to Insurer in 2025 for each opportunity
  • Describe 1 to 3 customer journeys from the client’s point of view and Insurer’s involvement for each step of the journey

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Full UX analysis (Trends & insights for implementation)

  • List of main opportunities and propositions to implement it

  • Definition of Target Operating Model for each opportunity with propositions

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