Design of a Data Governance framework

Client Needs & Objectives

In a context of multiple regulatory developments (BCBS239, FED regulatory reporting, GDPR…), a Tier 1 Bank needed assistance in implementing its Data Governance framework.

The objectives were fivefold:

  • Design DG Target Operating Model and associated roadmap
  • Establish Program foundations
  • Identify DG stakeholders and initiate engagement
  • Implement DG framework over the normal course of business
  • Scale across additional data domains

Our approach

  • Assess the current state and develop goals and guiding principles
  • Define TOM and DG mandates
  • Build a 18-month roadmap
  • Establish and staff Data Governance office
  • Propose Data Domains and draft DG charter and norms
  • Define Data Architecture requirements and develop DG tool strategy plan
  • Identify and onboard Data Stewards, Owners, Custodians, Stakeholders and broad communication to Data Community
  • Establish Data Domains and prepare Business Glossary, Data quality framework and Data Lineage
  • Scale and automate key processes

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Engage business as soon as possible and demonstrate business value with concrete results

  • Ensure consistency across the different initiatives in the bank (common data elements should have the same golden source)

  • Pay attention to the communication to DG community to maintain accountability in the long run

  • Promote cost optimisation through automation of key processes

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