Design and implementation of a new commercial steering framework

Client Needs & Objectives

Define and prepare the implementation of changes in the steering  framework (principles, indicators, tools, processes) in light of new strategic approaches:

4 major observations have emerged:

  • The complexity of commercial activities and sales events, with an increase in indicators
  • A boom in the production of internal and external reporting
  • A significant number of stakeholders at HQ and the Banks / Regions producing the reporting, which results in lack of consistency
  • A tight budgetary context further prioritising investments

Our approach

  • Overview of sales, financial and risk steering: definition of business functions, available tools (depending on operational level), project activities and realisation of the reporting process and data path
  • Identification of quick wins with Finance and IT departments, to improve commercial steering: improvement of the reporting process that ensures reliability of indicators, automation of budget entry
  • Definition of principles and commercial indicators scorecard: arranging and conducting workshops with Management and network representatives to provide guidance and in-depth coverage and prioritise needs for 2019
  • Formalisation and validation of operational needs (IT realisation, activation and facilitation…), and work schedule

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • 6 key principles were set out, providing a vision for the commercial activities

  • 10 commercial indicators were defined, in line with the 6 principles

  • 30 to 50% decrease of the number of indicators

  • Definition of composite indicators, driving GNP growth

  • Revision of Commercial Steering scorecard

  • Identification of work priorities in terms of Data Reliability

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