Design and implementation of 6 strategic digital initiatives

Client Needs & Objectives


  • Automation and streamlining of the client management lifecycle and KYC/Due Diligence processes employing advanced digital technologies
  • Six key process improvement areas have been identified


  • Client Management
  • Compliance / KYC


  • Design thinking workshops
  • Agile development
  • Technologies: RPA, OCR, NLP…

Our approach

1. Data mapping and solution design:

  • Mapping of the client lifecycle data flow and design thinking workshops to design the tools to be deployed

2. Development with AGILE approach:

  • Incremental development combining several technical layers (i.e. OCR, RPA, Machine Learning, NLP, etc.)

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Streamlining of the E2E Client Lifecycle

  • Strong buy-in from end-users

  • Scalability to regional and global level

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