Definition of a new Target Operating Model

Client Needs & Objectives

The objectives were to increase the UL rate thanks to a platform gathering its asset managers:

  • Asset manager dedicated to general account and internal funds
  • Asset manager dedicated to discretionary portfolio management and external fund selection

The group wanted to capitalize on the second expertise to rationalize the current set-up and use the French model to build adpated scenarii to other entities, thanks to this AM support

Our approach

A four-step approach:

  • As-is diagnosis: workshops, interviews, analyses, etc.
  • Benchmark: documentation and assessments
  • Target Operating Model definition: analysis and brainstorming workshops
  • Deployment path determination: risk analysis and roadmap

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • As-is diagnosis

  • Current process description (among the whole value chain from product definition to post-sales)

  • Detailed strengths, weaknesses and perspectives by step of the process

  • Benchmark

  • Description of five market trends

  • Target Operating Model definition

  • Construction of 3 progressive scenarii with RACI for each of them

  • Further detail of sign-off and post-sales animation processes

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