Data Transformation strategy design

Client Needs & Objectives

As part of the creation of the Data department, our client needed assistance to define the strategic ambitions of its Data framework

The objectives were threefold:

  • Perform an as-is analysis to diagnose the current set-up and have a thorough understanding of where they stood in terms of data
  • Identify remedial actions and design TOM ensuring the sustainability of the performance
  • Define strategic ambitions and roadmap with key milestones on selected use cases (end-to-end analytics, fraud alert management)

Our approach

1. Diagnose

  • Based on workshops and meetings with Management, select a dataset to be analysed on a pilot perimeter (identify critical data with the confidence level required)
  • Perform quality tests & data lineage and identify weaknesses across the value chain (missing controls, feeding issues, update frequency, manual adjustments…)

2. Optimise

  • Propose a remediation plan and ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly defined
  • Design Target Operating Model (including recommendations on data lake solutions)

3. Promote

  • Select the portfolio of initiatives and emblematic use cases to demonstrate the data potential with tangible benefits and related Return on Investment
  • Build vision, strategic ambitions and roadmap for the Data Transformation Program

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Build momentum through pilots

  • Identify Data Champions in charge of evangelization of the stakeholders

  • Systematically calculate and promote Return on Investment

  • Engage business as soon as possible and demonstrate business value with concrete results Ajouter

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