Data lineage

Client Needs & Objectives

  • Our client’s objective was to determine the correct data lineage from the accounting platform to reporting for the FRY-9c and 002 Regulatory Reports
  • Key Reporting Elements (KRE) were identified and our client wanted to be able to trace the KREs back to the accounting system to better understand the flow of data and any potential transformations

Our approach

  • Identify the KREs in scope
  • Identify the changes that have occurred using newly updated reporting schedules (Gap Analysis)
  • Using the Master Data Dictionary (MDD), IT lineage software (Informatica) and workshops with internal IT experts we:
    • Documented the technical lineage for each KRE (Table and Column at the Landing, Staging and Result stage using the technical lineage in Informatica
    • Proposed updates to the MDD and ran workshops to demystify lineages that were unclear / non-existant
  • Documented next steps for remediation efforts

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Clear understanding of the data journey between the accounting system and the reporting system

  • Identification of gaps and list of remediation items to be addressed by each group

  • Functional understanding of reporting data flow that can be easily communicated both internally and externally

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