Client Segmentation Assignment

Client Needs & Objectives


  • Growing  tensions on current scarce resources allocations and costs
  • Increase willingness to optimize the commercial techniques to maintain profitability
  • A clear client segmentation is a strategic topic for the management and a key success factor in the transversal initiatives led by the CIB


Establish segmentation and scoring methodology to optimize commercial approach and reduce costs


  • Marketing clients’ segmentation
  • Credit risk profiles


  • Scoring
  • Classification

Our approach

  • Validation of the perimeter focus : client segmentation on risk, cross-sell, growth, scarce resources and profitability
  • Data collection, filtering and selection of strategic variables to build ratios. Variables analysis and profiling: statistical description, abnormalities detection, correlation studies and variables weighting
  • Classification of clients
  • Analysis of the clients’ clusters and identification of pockets of opportunities

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