Client Needs / As-is situation

Client Needs & Objectives

End-to-end tracking of the KYC lifecycle in Asia was maintained in 2 purely manual Excel trackers, which created the following issues :

  1. Duplication of work between KYC teams
  2. Time-consuming weekly reconciliations between trackers & systems
  3. Inefficient and incomplete view of the KYC perimeter and progress
  4. Inconsistent data for KPI reporting
  5. Inability to identify pain points and patterns of issues

The client requested for us to improve and centralize KYC tracking for all locations in Asia in order to bring more clarity to the KYC lifecycle

Our approach

  • The setup comprised 2 project managers and 2 developers on-site located between SIN and HKG, in close proximity with users and IT
  • The target tracker and database was designed based on the needs of KYC teams (key users), Compliance, Management and Business
  • Sprint methodology was adopted, where development phases were short to deliver quick results and obtain timely user feedback
  • Technologies (Python, C#) were chosen for their robustness, ease of implementation and maintenance – for both the UI and ETL
  • Existing KPIs were reviewed, scrapped where irrelevant, improved where required; and new KPIs were proposed based on our KYC expertise

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Centralization of redesigned KYC tracker for Asia KYC teams and automated generation of KPIs, saving time and effort in the proces

  • 1 FTE purely for manual reconciliation, data crunching and KPI reporting)

  • Golden source feeds and reduction of manual input to improve reliability and consistency~120 manual input fields in Excel reduced to ~70 fields

  • ~25 manual input fields, ~20 fields populated from golden source systems, ~15 computed fields)

  • Deliverables are directly relevant and leveraged for implementation of Fenergo globally

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