Big data Analytics for email use

Client Needs & Objectives

  • Mix technology and data mining to analyse email use and communication flows
  • Our solution, based on a proprietary technology, allows meaningful analysis with endless variations:
    • Email information is a golden source, available, standardised, unlimited and hassle-free thanks to our technology
    • The magic mix of market intelligence, data mining & statistics, and strategy combined all together can tell much more about an individual or an organisation than any other analysis

Our approach

1. Design the profile of employees based on their email use

  • Monitor daily email activities (traffic) and detect abnormal working situations
  • Optimise productivity and streamline your time
  • Organise network and understand email usage by analytics

2. Understand how information flows between users to streamline organisation and optimize efficiency

  • Identify key people in the organisation and monitor synergies within the organisation
  • Review office space management to optimise communication workflow
  • Assess the real efficiency of processes and identify breaking points

3. Monitor risks and detect special events in real time to assess operational risk or to anticipate crisis

  • Analyse email intention and detect abnormal behavior and hot situations in real time
  • Analyse levels of proximity between connected people
  • Feel the trend and detect mood (stress, calling into questions …)

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Employee email use analysis and recommendations to optimise productivity and performance

  • Analysis of the whole organisation to understand how it works and to ensure consistency with current processes

  • Identification of areas for improvement based on communication workflows

  • Operational risk detection and anticipation

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