BCBS 239 Self-assessment

Client Needs & Objectives

As part of the BCBS 239 regulation, our client needed assistance to perform its self-assessment

The objectives were threefold:

  • Perform the self-assessment for the North-American platform
  • Identify synergies with other regulatory initiatives
  • Identify remediation actions

Our approach

Cross-Regulations Analyses

  • Analyses of BCBS 239 requirements and alignment with group conclusions taking into account specific North-American impacts
  • Identification of synergies with other regulations or ongoing projects such as Dodd Frank (Intermediate Holding Company), Asset Quality Review, review of strategic reports


  • Assessment of risk reporting and data aggregation capabilities according to BCBS 239 principles
  • Data quality tests and design of data lineage
  • Identification of remediation actions to improve the risk reporting system through automation projects
  • Definition of data ownership and review of the governance

Client Benefits & Main Results

  • Ensure consistency in terms of sourcing methodologies across the different departments

  • Set-up a dedicated permanent control framework

  • Build a data dictionary to ensure traceability

  • Formalise the escalation process with clear roles and responsibilities across the organisation

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